Welcome to my little kitchen!

About Dream To Cook Blog

FOODS!! Yes this site is about eating and serving your family and friends your love creation! What type of foods…..? Any types of cuisine that are delicious and yummy! I would love to share the RECIPES with you all and if you have any comments or ideas, please share it with me so we can all learn together ❤❤❤ If you LOVE, LIKE or perhaps want to learn to cook and bake, this is where you are !! Please join me and enjoys the fun of home cooking!!


Because I LOVE foods 😁 I love spending time in my little kitchen creating and experimenting food ideas. My little family inspired me and give me motivation to do so 😊 The moments I see my little fellas finishing the foods and lick the bowl, I’m looking forward to my next cooking session 😃

If you never done so or are yet to experience the joy of home cooking and baking, Why not try it today? This could be your next FAVOURITE hobby!

About ME

Hello! My name is Janisa and I’m currently a stay at home mother of 2 boys at the age of 3 and 7 months. I’m a Malaysian born Chinese who called Australia home. I have been living in Melbourne for the first 12 years then we moved to Newcastle with my husband Henry 5 years ago. With the new addition of our boys who born in year 2017 Lawrence and 2019 Leonard, we are now a small family of 4 and Mello, my ginger cat🐱.